I have made slideshows for different different occasions. They are mainly about things that took place in the past, because I think that history can tell us who we are. My focus in my slideshows is that the image must be at the center, and then built the story from it.

If you want to use a slideshow in Danish/English I can translate it.


Evolutionary psychology:

Evolutionary psychology used to gain a theoretical understanding of man (

We are animals 

Why Communism is not possible (English):

Evolutionary psychology youtube playlist (English):


Wage gap explained in numbers (English):




Cities and places in pictures:


Aarhus Fiskeri- og lystbådehavnen – old (Danish):


Aarhus before World War 1 (Danish):

See it in Google Earth:


Copenhagen at night (Danish):



Uninteresting presentations for my kayak club:


Hypotermi – chilling (Danish):


Aarhus in the old days – the creek and marina for rowing (Danish):


Group structure in a kayak (Danish):




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